May 2021

Pet Care Only at Interzoo digital – free tickets available


Pet Care Only at Interzoo digital – free tickets available


The leading trade fair in the pet industry – Interzoo 2021 – is set to take place in a digital format this year from 1 to 4 June. We at Pet Care Only – the Private Label Service Company – will also be attending, of course. Anyone interested can request tickets for free entry on all four days of the event from us.


Why does it pay to visit Pet Care Only at Interzoo?

In 2020, the number of dogs and cats in German households increased yet again to 10.7 and 15.7 million.¹ As a result, the pet food market grew by an additional 4.6%.² 
The private label share in Germany averages 43%³, and when it comes to snacks up to 72%⁴ of pet owners rely on private labels.

These figures show that the market for dog and cat food offers huge potential that retail can only harness together with us.


What will Pet Care Only offer as part of Interzoo?

Our welcome visitors can learn about our full-brand service and our entire product range with all its design possibilities and discuss the potential and opportunities offered by private labels in the exciting pet food market with our employees.

Our guests can expect that and more at our virtual trade fair booth shared with Dr.Clauder’s solutions for pets GmbH.

And the best part: With a special code, customers and partners of Pet Care Only get free access to all four days of the digital trade fair event – anyone interested can inquire on +49 (0)2856 90 93 390 or by e-mail to


Special times call for special solutions!

We look forward to lively discussions as part of the 2021 digital Interzoo.



¹ IVH / ZZF Skopos Report ‘Anzahl der Haustiere in Deutschland 2020’ [Number of pets in Germany 2020]
² IVH / ZZF ‘Der Deutsche Heimtiermarkt 2020’ [The German Pet Market in 2020]
³ PLMA International Private Label Yearbook 2020
⁴ Dr.Clauder’s / YouGov (12/2020, n=683)

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