Jul 2021

More and more pets in German households - pet owners more often resort to private labels

Great reasons to offer your own private label

The number of dogs and cats in German households and in Europe has been rising constantly for years. The Corona pandemic has further strengthened this trend. As a result, the pet food market is also growing. Private labels in the pet food market are now particularly worthwhile.

In 2020, the number of dogs and cats continued to grow to 10.7 and 15.7 million respectively.1 In this development, the pet food market also grew by a further 4.7%.2  Snacks and dry food are driving the market here. However, nutritional supplement products are also becoming increasingly popular. 37% of dog owners use nutritional supplement products or intend to do so.3      

When buying pet food, pet owners are increasingly turning to private labels, with an average share of 43% in Germany as a whole.4 For snacks in particular, 72% of dog and cat owners choose private labels.5 Important factors for pet owners when deciding for private label products are both the high quality and the use of exclusively natural raw materials. Pet Care Only products are therefore manufactured to the highest quality and with traceable raw material origins - Made in Germany.

82% of respondents find private labels equally good or even better than branded pet food products.

Own private labels in the pet food market are therefore particularly worthwhile now. At Pet Care Only, the specialist for nutritional supplements and snacks, we support the entry into private labels with our full brand service. We provide support from product development to the market launch of the products.

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